Exciting news - brand new for 2020, we refurbished completely the villas' living rooms and kitchens in a modern way. As every year, we made surprise innovations that we will present to our visitors this year. Another Exciting news - brand new for 2019, we have installed salt water chlorination technology in our Villa Kiydan swimming pool! Another new for 2019 we now have a number of bicycles that our guests can use to explore beautiful Dalyan. The last new for 2020 we designed detached 1 bedroom bungalow ideally suited for those with mobility issues

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Villa Kiydan apartments were built to the highest possible specification in 2007, and every year since then we have sought to improve the facilities that we offer to our guests. 

We have a total of 13 villas apartments including a detached one bedroom bungalow ideally suited for those with mobility issues – six 2-bedroomed and six 1-bedroomed – all built on two floors, with the living area and kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs.  All of the bedrooms have air conditioning, which is included in the rental price.  The bathrooms are equipped with a shower cubicle, toilet and hand basin.


The cute sea turtles, animals on the list of “animals in danger of exhaustion”, come to the Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan to lay their eggs. Caretta carettas are considered “luxury food” in France, Italy and Far East countries and over-hunting has almost wiped off their species.


Recently one of our guests filmed a wonderful video of Villa Kiydan Apartments viewed from the sky. We hope you enjoy sharing the view that the Dalyan storks enjoy!


It is one of the rare beaches that the caretta carettas find safe enough to lay their eggs. Iztuzu is a natural wonder with the award “second beach that maintains its naturality”. It is said there is no beach like Iztuzu with one side being fresh water and the other Mediterranean. The sand of the beach starting from the mountains, vertical to the sea and close up the edge of the delta, is golden and very thin. Water is crystal clear. The shore is shallow and it leaves a velvet feeling under you feet as you walk.


Villa KIYDAN boat is designed and build to offer our guests the most comfortable and relaxing day out on the water possible. Villa KIYDAN also has all the mod cons, such as a toilet and a fresh water shower. Let us treat you to some authentic Turkish cuisine, lounge music, mouth watering drinks and of course great service, and enjoy a boat trip...

You either hire it private for your family or friends all day with lunch or without lunch, even for a short trip.


There are some places that unfold all the magnificence of history. Such places are the living proofs of history, not the theory.

You will feel your soul squeeze with the greatness of history when you see the King Tombs in Dalyan: The eternal King Tombs have been standing there for1000 years against all the harshness of time and carrying the mysteries of the past to the future. As you look at the tombs, you get the feeling that the stones have something to say. The gigantic rocks had been caved in amazing forms. The tombs that are caved in the rocks, at some points with an angle of 80 C to the sea, force the limits of your mind.


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